some songs

for voice, EWI, guitar and BopPad

some songs work with melody, parallel harmonies, poly-temporality and free/micro-tonality in simple song forms. I compose wholly intuitively by building on improvisations executed by my under-disciplined fingers and tempered by the imaginings of my inner ear. I record spontaneous ideas, layer and edit them, and slowly compile these songs guided by the tastes of my outer ear. Composition is thus a feedback loop midst relations between instruments, studio and myself. The following instruments have become a strong presence in my more recent work: the Electro-Harmonix V256 vocoder, the Akai EWI electronic wind instrument, the Yamaha DX7 synthesiser, the Keith McMillen BopPad (an electronic drum trigger) - and Ableton Live, the software in and through which everything comes together. In these pieces, as with all my previous compositions, I traverse and exploit this sonic hyperreality made possible through electricity, loudspeakers and recording studio production techniques.


commissioned by Frequenz Festival, Kiel and SCENATET


some songs

premiered by SCENATET

Frequenz Festival, Kiel