as Barjavel with Emmanuel L. Spinelli

Barjavel's improvisations start out as playful investigations of the sonic materials to hand: the sounds of a grand piano, a guitar, various toys and miscellaneous objects are passed though microphones and into laptops, and by the means of various electronic processes, these different sounds begin to spring forth from a set of speakers. Along the way, field recordings and samples will be added. The ensuing soundworld is multi-layered and often dense, and will tend to move towards the exploration of different intensities of sound: textures will emerge, slowly evolving through the wax and wane of loud and sometimes distressing electrical storms, and sparse, beautiful sonic landscapes, frequently punctuated by the recognisable sounds of piano clusters and occasional human utterances. Central to Barjavel's music is everyday sonic experience - the sound world we inhabit and the sound world we create are the basis for our musical endeavours.


Self-release, DIGITAL, 2010