Enquanto Somos Humanos

by Michelle Moura and Maikon K

While We Are Human is a creation of the choreographer Michelle Moura and the performer Maikon K. Both artists have been investigating for years themes such as alteration of consciousness, the limits between human and non-human, mythologies and construction of realities. In this project, they question the spectrum of what it is to be human. How were we programmed to be human? Is it possible to intervene in this programme?

In an infinite background of photographic paper, iconographies are framed, images are mounted and dismounted, emotions freeze and deform, narratives are mixed and power relations intersect.

Performativity and physicality were designed with a practice around the gaze, a "multifocal gaze", as the performers call it. The "multifocal gaze" is the trigger for the creation of a paradoxical corporeality: at the same time alienated and extremely emotional and expressionist. The voices are amplified and transformed with analogical filters. As ventriloquists of a world in despair, phrases that express desire, guilt and hope are mixed up with pop songs and homogenized narratives.

Multiple references coexist in While We Are Human, the graphism of the comics, the concreteness of daily actions of mime and mute cinema, the hyperlinks and the excess of information of the Internet. While We Are Human is a chimera. We are chimeras, the creature, we are Frankenstein. We are a fiction. A collectio

From: maikonk.com/while-we-are-human


Creation and performance:
Michelle Moura e Maikon K

Sound: Kaj Duncan David
Light: Nadja Naira
Space: Fernando Marés
Costume: Faetusa Tirzah
Dramaturgy consultancy: Alex Cassal
Accompanying process: Alejandro Ahmed and Rudá Iandé
Production: Greice Barros (Núcleo Produções)
and many more


Enquanto Somos Humanos

Teatro Zé Maria, Curitiba